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Matthias Ahouansou 00c9ef7b56 Merge branch 'send-invalid-pdu-correction' into 'next'
fix: don't fail the entire request if any PDU's format is invalid

See merge request famedly/conduit!709
1 week ago
api Merge branch 'send-invalid-pdu-correction' into 'next' 1 week ago
config OpenID routes 2 months ago
database fix(keys): only use keys valid at the time of PDU or transaction, and actually refresh keys 1 month ago
service fix: don't always assume ruma can generate reference hashes 1 week ago
utils chore: bump all dependencies 1 month ago allow including extra info in `--version` output 4 months ago Add argument parser for the conduit executable 4 months ago chore: bump all dependencies 1 month ago